Nitesh Hydepark Buyers Welfare Association(NHPBA), is an initiative to bring all the flat owners of Nitesh Hyde park together on one common platform called NHPBA.

NHPBA is made with the intention to  address all the issues related to delay in the project and other apartment issues.Objective of this Association is to stand united and present all concerns related to Nitesh Hydepark residents.

Thanks for the overwhelming response and active participation in the initiative towards forming the “Nitesh Hydepark Buyers Welfare Association” – “NHPBA”.

All buyers are requested to  participate and contribute positively & actively for the NHPBA activites. NHPBA will be a formal united platform which is under registration.As soon as NHPBA is registered will be intimated to all the members.

NHPBA’s overarching objective will be to “Protect the Rights of all the NHP Buyers” by working collectively, constructively towards getting our flats from Nitesh Estates Limited – with due  legal consultation.

Broad Objectives of NHPBA

  • Two-way productive and regular communication with the builder.
  • Networking and adding more buyers to NHPBA.
  • Final confirmation of dates for flats delivery expediting the completion and handover of flats.
  • Appeal for delayed delivery compensation and penalty, which is legitimately due from NEL to NHP buyers
  • Following with NEL for time bound obtaining of Occupancy Certificate for NHP by NEL Follow up on Completion of all promised amenities and facilities beyond individual apartments / blocks.
  • Contributions are requested from Rs. 1000.00 per apartment as initial membership fees for NHPBA
  • The fund collected will be deposited in NHPBA Bank Account and utilised for expenses like Society Registration charges, Lawyer Consultation fees etc with fully transparent reporting of every expense.

Buyers and flat owners must join the below forums to stand united 

Email: nhpbassociation@gmail.com ; contact@nhpbassociation.com

Blog: NHPBA Website

Google Group:niteshhydeparkbuyersassociation

Join the association and share your details one-time only Click Here


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